Paolo   Nana Presents

The Incredibles Scoobobell

"The Incredibles Scoobobell"


is a pre-teen book series with a positive and moral message - animal rights and anti-bully - infused with humor.

The main characters are three adopted dogs with secret superpowers.


At night, they go around the city on a mission to protect animals in danger, and sometimes people too.


In this first story, the super-trio goes on a mission to teach a lesson to Attila, a large mean dog that enjoys bullying dogs smaller than him.


"Scoobobell vs. Attila The Bully"  

is a story told through 150 beautiful, dramatic, and funny illustrations to catch the imagination of younger readers.





    " How Everything Started"


is the true story of how I ended up owning three Boston terriers, and how they inspired me to write the book series called"The Incredibles Scoobobell"


The 20 drawings-intro is included in the fictional book. This brief biography is packed with sweet and emotional feelings, especially for all of you who love their pets. 


Volume 2 
The super trio meets a new friend, Spartacus who asks them to . . . 
Volume 3,
The three super dogs help Boots to . . .
Volume 4 
Scoobie goes through a spiritual journey and a shocking revelation after . . .  
Volume 5 
During their holiday vacation, the super trio goes on a quest to . . .
Volume 6
Scoobobell fight against time to . . .
Volume 7 
In this unprecedented rescue, the super dogs expose themselves to danger and risking to lose their anonymity.

Volume 8  

Finally, the three Bostons are recognized as heroes after being exposed during a rescue. Unfortunately, now there is some consequence to face.


Volume 9  
A stray dog gets a gift of her life after been rescued by Scoobie, Tinky, and Bobo.



Volume 10 

The past meets the present to hunt the super trios.           

Volume 11
Scoobobell meet two new friends, Romeo & Juliet. After learning from Juliet that . . . the super trios go in a mission to taking care of the problem.
Volume 12
In this second mission, Scoobobell go back to an old place to eradicate a problem from the past.
Volume 13
Scoobobell's clique is growing.  Scoobie, Tinky, and Bobo meet two new friends; Lola & Tiger. ​
Volume 14
Attila is back to help the super-trio for an ...​
Volume 15
Hopeless and powerless, the super dogs face a big dilemma.
Volume 16 
The Bostons go on a mission to find their dear friend Lola.​
Volume 17
Grunty, a cute baby pig, has the fortune to comes across the super trio who ...

Volume 18

The Incredibles Scoobobell help a new friend, a rooster, to resolve some problem.


Volume 19
The fantastic trio uses their super strength to pull off their mission. The Incredibles Scoobobell the Cows is a two-installment-book packed with suspense and humor.

Volume 20 
The Incredibles Scoobobell the Cows Part II
The Incredible Scoobobell put themselves to the extreme to save the animals life. 
Volume 21
Mr. Aron, after meeting the Bostons, his life takes an unthinkable turn. 
8.5-by-11-volume-22 (1).jpg
In volume 22
Mr. Aron reveals a great project. Plus, the Bostons save the life of ...  
Volume 23
The Incredibles Scoobobell find a clever way to prevent Cleo's owner to ...   
Volume 24
The Incredibles Scoobobell discover to have a new talent that helps Ben with . . .
8.5-by-11 (1).jpg
Volume 25
The Incredibles Scoobobell learn from a new friend Casper that...
Volume 26
The Incredibles Scoobobell are very busy Multi-Rescuing & Growing Popularity. Also, they reveal more information from their past.  
Volume 27 
Fame comes with a price for the Bostons after been exposed to the media.

Volume 28 

The Incredibles help the police to  . . .


Volume 29 
Jinxy, a beautiful Australian Shepherd, has the fortune the meet the super Bostons who . . .


Volume 30 

Jack Russell gets a gift from the Incredibles Scoobobell that change his life.

Volume 31
The super trio engages in a spectacular elaborate rescue after meeting Nero.
Volume 32 Part I
The super Bostons are enjoying the Roma holiday with
their family, but later on, the trio will find themselves
in a dangerous situation.
Volume 33 Part II
Finally, the Bostons have a chance to go out at night, and when they ended up at the Cesar Forum, they face trouble.

In Volume 34  Part III

The Bostons help their new friend by providing . . .

Volume 35 Part IV
The last day in Rome, the Bostons go to say goodbye to their friends, but the stray Boss asks the super trio for one last favor.
Volume 36
After the Rome holidays, the Bostons are back home where the sinister Klaus is readily looking for them.
Volume 37
When the super trio learns that . . .
Volume 38
 After the super dogs meet a lovely couple, Maximus and Velvet, the schnauzers ask the Bostons for a big favor.
Volume 39
A bear with her cubs gets a big surprise when the super Bostons show up.
Volume 40
While Klaus is busy searching for the Bostons, the super trio goes on a mission thanks to Rocky's revelation and Target collaboration. 
Volume 41
The frustrate Klaus after searching for a while the Bostons, finally got lucky.
Volume 42 
Klaus' persistence paid off big time. 
Volume 43
Scoobie is still missing as the Rossi reach out for help . . . 
Volume 44
Finally, the police catch Klaus, and now he is paying big for it.
Volume 45
Serendipity brings double rescues.
Volume 46
The super trio meets a rescue horse at Bo sanctuary who askes the Bostons for a big favor . . .
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