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Volume 26
The Incredibles Scoobobell are very busy Multi-Rescuing & Growing Popularity. Also, they reveal more information from their past.  

Volume 29 
Jinxy, a beautiful Australian Shepherd, has the fortune the meet the super Bostons who . . .


Volume 30 

Jack Russell gets a gift from the Incredibles Scoobobell that change his life.

Volume 31
The super trio engages in a spectacular elaborate rescue after meeting Nero.
Volume 32 Part I
The super Bostons are enjoying the Roma holiday with
their family, but later on, the trio will find themselves
in a dangerous situation.
Volume 33 Part II
Finally, the Bostons have a chance to go out at night, and when they ended up at the Cesar Forum, they face trouble.
cover volume 35 HD400.jpg
Volume 35 Part IV
On the last day in Rome, the Bostons say goodbye to their friends, but the stray Boss asks the super trio for one last favor.
Volume 36
After the Rome holidays, the Bostons are back home where the sinister Klaus is readily looking for them.
Volume 38
 After the super dogs meet a lovely couple, Maximus and Velvet, the schnauzers ask the Bostons for a big favor.
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Volume 39
A bear with her cubs gets a big surprise when the super Bostons show up.
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Volume 40
While Klaus is busy searching for the Bostons, the super trio goes on a mission thanks to Rocky's revelation and Target collaboration. 
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Volume 41 Part I
The frustrated Klaus after searching for a while the Bostons, finally got lucky.
Volume 42  Part II
Klaus' persistence paid off big time. 
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Volume 43 Part III
Scoobie is still missing as the Rossi reach out for help . . . 
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Volume 44 Part IV
Finally, the police catch Klaus, and now he is paying big for it.
Volume 46
The super trio meets a rescue horse at Bo sanctuary who askes the Bostons for a big favor . . .
Thanks to Goliath, Gizi gets a big break when she meets the super trio.
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